Let Me Help You Succeed

Cheri began her career as a teacher. She loved teaching, but couldn't stomach the politics and bureaucracy that came with it. She created a commercial Real Estate business where she discovered her knack and passion for business. After running operations and marketing for her local hockey team, she landed in the Ops Seat of small, struggling Entrepreneurial company.

Cheri and the owner's complementary skill sets (she later learned she was the Integrator to his Visionary), quickly grew the business from 5-28 employees.  This bred chaos and uncertainty with heavy doses of “what are we doing?” and “where are we going?”. She stumbled across the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman.  Together with her leadership team, she implemented EOS. This, as her team came to understand it, was the Holy Grail for how to run their business (any business).  This brought levels of peace and prosperity the business had never known before. EOS allowed the owner to retire and ultimately paved the way for her to successfully exit a still flourishing business.

Her enthusiasm fueled her need to share this amazing system with her friends and colleagues. She now combines her two passions of teaching and business as a Professional EOS Implementer to help other business owners and leaders find the peace, prosperity and fun she found on her EOS journey.

Cheri has lived in the breathtaking Wenatchee Valley since 1995.  The bounty of outdoor recreation is unparalleled, and she loves to hike, bike (especially to local wineries!), and run in and around Wenatchee. She also enjoy playing hockey with some pretty amazing folks! She has two beautiful and brilliant daughters (who still enjoy hanging out with Mom from time to time) and shares her life with her biggest fan-her husband.

Cheri feels blessed to have close friends and a community of talented colleagues. In early 2017, she founded the Wenatchee Business Roundtable; a group of passionate and humble business leaders and owners dedicated to growth and achievement. We keep each other grounded and focused. We play hard, work hard and live fully.