Are you on the Same Page?

In a previous article, I mentioned the powerful combination of a Visionary and an Integrator (what Simon Sinek refers to as ‘Why-types’ and ‘How-types’). For reasons I am still unearthing, I have had a surge in recent months of stressed out Visionaries and Integrators who are lacking samepageness. 

It goes something like this: 

Integrator at abc company: My visionary is making me crazy! He just keeps throwing things out without realizing how much work is involved in running his company!

Visionary at xyz company: I am not sure my Integrator understands the bigger picture of the harm to our reputation when these things fall through the cracks

Integrator at 123 company: My Visionary is far too critical of our people and is driving everyone. How can I make her understand that we can’t grow a company without good people, and we can’t keep good people if she keeps chasing them off!

And so on and so forth. I hear from an Integrator and often their Visionary counterpart. I feel like the school teacher whose students want (or need) to tattle on each other. The trouble is-I am not the one who needs to hear the message! In EOS, we have a tool called the Same Page Meeting designed specifically to keep Visionaries and Integrators on the same page. This is not only vital to running a successful business, but to the health and well-being of your Leadership Team and employees as a whole. 

You do not have to run your business on EOS to appreciate this dynamic. The two leaders at the top, often a CEO and COO (or whatever fancy title you choose) get sideways on a key initiative or direction for the business. This confusion and bickering causes anxiety among their team. It is akin to Mom and Dad arguing. From my vantage point it digresses to a “he/she said” scenario. My first question is always, are you having your Same Page meetings?  And if so, is this on your issues list? For my newer V/I duos, I will offer to facilitate a Same Page meeting to help flush out these issues and nudge them both into the open and honest conversation that is clearly not happening. 

The agenda for a Same Page meeting is simple: 

Segue: share some good news (personally and professionally); check in with each other as humans. This one practice will incrementally increase the health of your relationship. 

IDS: Get all the issues out on the table, prioritize and I.D.S. (Identify. Discuss. Solve-check out my previous article for how this works). Then get to work!

I encourage my V/I’s to keep track of any To-do’s that come out of the meeting to keep themselves accountable. I recommend these meetings to occur monthly, however when I have a new V/I relationship and a Visionary who is unwilling to ‘let go of the vine’, I encourage them to meet more frequently-as often as weekly if necessary. Meetings can be onsite and at any time of day, but I recommend an offsite, more casual environment. This advances the relationship of the two leaders from a team health perspective. 

Feeling frustrated with your business partner, Visionary owner (or even your spouse)? Get on the same page with this simple, but powerful tool and supercharge the progress on your goals. It can take time to develop the trust needed to dig deep and be truly open and honest with each other. Consistency and intention will get you there in time. 


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