Give the Gift of Productivity

Looking to find the perfect gift for the high achievers in your life? Time management isn’t really a thing…we all have the same amount of time every day, every week, every year. What sets the super achievers apart is their ability to manage themselves, to focus and prioritize what matters most.  Here are 6 great tools for under $50 to help the achievers in your life be more productive and less busy in 2021. 

  1. Perfect Planner: An awesome planning tool complete with quarterly Rocks, monthly and weekly layouts to focus your attention on your priorities. (use code: Productivity and save)
  2. Supercharge Your Day Productivity Course with Jill Avey: Jill’s 5 part course will give you the tools and disciplines to help you do more AND have more free time.  
  3. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy….just read it! It will change your life!
  4. subscription: A scientific approach using music to help you focus.
  5. Deep Work by Cal Newport…again, just read it! This is where I began to understand the power of flow. 
  6. Find an Accountability Partner! Here are two sites that can help with that: Get Motivated Buddies and Supporti
  7. STOP MULTITASKING! This one’s free!

Wanting to be more productive isn’t enough. You have to ACT! It all starts with better goal-setting. You must know what your big priorities are for the year (3 or  less is best) and then hone in on the activities that will drive those goals. You must know where to direct your focus before you can begin layering in the tools above to help you produce more in less time.


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