Need A Speaker For Your Event?

Cheri enjoys speaking about her passions, which include:

EOS®: What is it? How does it work? Is it right for me and my business?

Cheri will cater this to audience. This can run from a 60-minute presentation to a three-hour workshop-and almost anything in between.

Leadership Development

Cheri is passionate about developing leaders and has several topics in her repertoire from Managing Your Priorities (Not Your Time) to What Truly Motivates Us. Let's connect and find out how we can inspire or develop your team or group! We can customize most topics from 20-60 minutes.

Goal Setting and Achieving

Learn how Cheri increased her output-getting more done in 6 months than the previous 6 years! Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration-but not by much! We can customize from 20-60 minutes.

Professional Growth

Your past does not dictate your present-or your future. Cheri has pushed herself to overcome long-held beliefs and behaviors to develop into the best version of herself.  This is particularly for folks looking for a change or who feel stuck or unsure of what they are capable of achieving. We can customize from 30-75 minutes.

"When I speak, I am there for the audience. What do they want to get from this? I like to keep things at a high level and allow time for questions. This allows the attendees to dictate where we go deep. It is of vital import to me that people get value and feel inspired to act!" -Cheri Dudek-Kuhn


Feedback from Cheri's speaking events...

Cheri was AWESOME! She shared a fantastic perspective to creating workplace culture.

Enjoyed the interaction between presenter and listener.

Good material. Well prepared. Super helpful. Easy. Concise! Great! Right on!

Excellent session! Very engaging.

Really enjoyed Cheri and her energy.

Great energy! She helped me take a step back to reevaluate my sources of motivation.

Best speaker of the day.

High energy, great content, interactive